In 2017 Chinese Estate Design Summit Forum and the twelfth Gold Award Ceremony

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[Abstract] in May 2017 12 (Friday) afternoon, "2017 China Estate Design Summit Forum and the twelfth gold award ceremony in Guangzhou poly World Trade Expo Hall 4 grand opening.

The launching ceremony of the Beijing City gold network science and technology limited company, "time" magazine sponsored projects; hosted by Guangzhou Tang Art Culture Communication Co., Ltd.; by Mstar Technology Ltd, Omega building in Guangzhou city living environment, the Architectural Society of Chinese Specialized Committee Chinese gold real estate development industry alliance, Chinese real estate Manager alliance Co.



At the same time this event in held the twelfth gold award ceremony, with a speech and dialogue in the form of in-depth study of the purchase of real estate development era, provides a communication platform for the majority of people in the industry.



Guangzhou city construction Mstar Technology Ltd Omega founder and CEO Mr. Luo Difeng at the scene made a project to share: "green sandstone is 8 years ago and an idea of a bunch of friends in the chat when the. This idea changed the trajectory of my life, but also for the selection of building a more choice. Today I have the opportunity to share with you some of the projects we have completed over the past eight years." With the example of Yuexiu star Union, Wenhua, Hainan Biguiyuan, coral palace and Huizhou Biguiyuan Park, the environmental protection sandstone is widely used in the construction.


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