Historic mission of energy saving and environmental protection

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Stereo greening, majoring in ecological work, has been originally thought to be an only part of the landscape industry. But now it had been incorporated into the national energy saving and environmental protection strategies.
Landscape industry is as one of the most important foundation constructions in city. Through their own unremitting efforts, continuing to increase city green quantity, improving the quality of city park green space and the city green space system function, landscaping workers have prompted the city green space to absorbing more carbon dioxide, releasing more oxygen, and increasing vacuum reduction capacity. Finally, they made their contribution to creating green and low carbon city.

But now due to promoting the rapid urbanization, city population density, air pollution, traffic congestion, overload of energy consumption, the issue is very outstanding.City construction land and the land used for greening of contradiction are increasingly acerb. City greening space began to longitudinal development. Landscaping industry must face a new task, new directions, because green roofs, green wall and the buildings, structures, such as three-dimensional green bridge have become a substitute for traditional product.  Stereo green is an inevitable choice for green building and building energy saving.

Promoting stereo greening is a very efficient, cheap, multiple energy saving project, which it can reduce city heat island effect and dust emission, beautify the environment, improve the city landscape, prolong the service life of the building. What’s more, owing to the lack of land cost, it is the cheapest city center green way.The industry of green board is not only a great challenge, but also a best opportunity.

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