Point hanging system integration

Mega point hanging system integration
1.Point hanging definition
This system are made of mega sandstone .aluminum components which is a card buckle with dovetail slot, the main dragon skeletons, and wall fittings, after the edge slot was done, which joined by the card buckle and sealant, this is a dry hanging method which is double insurance.
2.Relevant standard specification
2.1Relevant material standards GB/T14683-2003«Silicone building sealant» GB/5237.1-5-2008<<Aluminum shaped building material〉〉
JC/887-200«Dry hanging stone curtain wall with epoxy adhesive»
2.2Relevant acceptance standards
GB50210-2001 <<Code for construction quality acceptance of building decoration»
GB/T21086-2007«Building curtain wall» GB/T15227-2007«Test method of air permeability, water tightness, wind load resistance performance for curtain walls»
GB/T18250-2000«Test method for performance in plane deformation of curtain wall’s>>
JC 830-2005<<Dry-hanging facing stone and fixing metal systems»
3.System features
3.1The structure of the system is safe and reliable, sandstone edge slot card by card buckle and bond form double insurance method, with dovetail slot card buckle aluminum components using modified epoxy structural adhesive to paste directly with the sandstone plate back, dovetail groove with modified epoxy structural adhesive chimeric form a strong cohesive force, more to make sure the card fastener is firm and reliable.
3.2The material can realize factory production and processing, high processing precision, quality assurance, scope construction convenient and quick, high efficiency, and can finish the project quickly.
4.Application scope of system
Applicable to buildings, both outside wall and inside wall, can be widely used in all kinds of public buildings, residential buildings and high-rise buildings (such as height is not more than 100 meters), panel size control within 0.8m2.

The construction technology
1.Play frame
According to the actual circumstance of the wall and the corresponding datum line, distribution requirements for building wall play frame, to decide distribution and the corresponding sizes of plates.
2.Install main body of keel
According to structural mechanics calculation requirements, select the corresponding size keel profiles, installed skeleton body, framework must be stability, flatness and straightness better than the national standard.
Using the marble machine or other slot machines to slot the sandstone plate edge where corres ponding install the card fasteners.
4.Install card fastener
As to the sloted sandstone,card fastener adopt the modified expoxy resin adhen siveand button the card in the corresponding slot, guarantee the accuracy of the position, strong, and timely maintenance.
5.Pendant installation
Install keel accessories on the corresponding position of the aluminum alloy.
6.Installation plate
Install the aluminum alloy on the corresponding position of keel, guarantee straightness and flatness reach the related national standards.
Fill the gaps with silicone weathering sealant according to the requirement.
Timely use wet sponge with detergent to clean sandstone panel after construction.