Hang stick system integration

1.Hanging construction definition
Use marble glue to fix the hook of the stainless steel components in the stot at the back of the sandstone , sandstone material with cement base adhesive to stick on the wall.And then connected upper holes on stainless steel components with a plastic expansion screws, this is a construction installation method.
2.System features
As the before text show with the base of the way of thin construction system installation method, which increased the stainless steel components,to strengthen security firmly (see the figure one).
When the system is applied to external wall of high-rise building, adopt the stainless steel band with vertical belt hook instead of plastic expansion screws, stainless steel belt is fixed on the beam with chemical anchor bolt, then use copper wires connect the hole of stainless steel components and the hook of stainless steel band (see the figure 2).

3.About the configuration of the stainless steel components
Stainless steel components are installed near the horizontal line 80 mm of the sandstone , generally each sandstone with at least two.the horizontal spacing between stainless steel members should be not more than 500 mm.

The construction technology

1.Technological requirements
Detailed technical requirements, please refer to the aforementioned thin construction system installation method.
2.For the system requirements of base
The block strength grade should not be less than MU5, concrete wall strength level should not be less than C20.
3.Preparation before construction
Leveling layer need use the materials which the radion of the cement (symbols are not less than 425 #) and sand is appropriate to 1:2. Before construction, clean the body surface of masonry, concrete body, to eliminate all kinds of mold release agents, oil stains, dust. The concrete body surface should use interface agent to deal, make the base body and plaster leveling layer have good adhesion and bonding.