Guangzhou Mega Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, which is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in man-made sandstone with integration of  research, development, production and sales. The Green Sandstone use all kinds of sandstone from Australia, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and so on. Appearance of natural sandstone texture with outstanding features of stain resistance, acid and alkali resistance, strong adhesion, light weight and easy processing etc. attract large numbers of customers domestic and abroad. Expect your visit.




Mega Green Sandstone Characteristics



  • Detailed introduction: The time to verify the Mega green sandstone from installation to now, more than 8 years has been the emergence of natural sandstone, black mold, weathering off, still as good as new. Mega Stone, one hundred years of weathered sandstone, patent product innovation!
  • Detailed introduction: Mega was cloned through the unique natural sandstone unique texture, color, texture, appearance similarity was more than 95%.At the same time according to individual needs to make better than natural stone texture and color, to meet the needs of customization.
  • Detailed introduction: Hundreds of millions of years ago, quartz sand, clay, goethite and other deposits, through water erosion and weathering, formed a unique texture, color and texture of natural rock - sandstone.Among the many unique sandstone in stone, was the reputation of "Li Shi", hundreds of years ago many famous buildings are still very beautiful, has become a classic, sandstone favorite architect.
  • Detailed introduction: A born not of weathered sandstone experienced repeated test hundreds of times, Mega and experts to overcome various difficulties, developed a green sandstone.Natural stone in Australia Australia sandstone, sandstone, quartz sand accounted for more than 80%, while the unstable domestic sandstone accounted for only 50%-60%. The Omega green sandstone quartz sand purity increased to 98%!
  • Detailed introduction: The culture of architecture records the soul of a city, the quality of architecture, and the glory of an age. As the villa, a record of human literature when the passing of the eternal flow and life cycle, one side to witness the best end of mankind. With the innovation of architecture and the uniqueness of resources, it witnesses a class to engrave its dream into private enjoyment.
  • Detailed introduction: From the classical, is natural, as if you really touch the original ecological life, soft lines, elegant chic constructed perfect space. Details of the perfect request, elegant, distinguished, drow extraordinary.When architecture resonates with life, then beauty is more than just one or two buildings, but our home, our city.
  • Detailed introduction: Compared with the natural sandstone, the test of anti fouling test, specific gravity test, water absorption test and other data (flexural, compressive and sediment content) is far higher.Mega company won a number of utility model patents, patents, and CE certification, has been rated as high-tech products, high-tech enterprises in Guangdong province. 
  • Detailed introduction: Like nature itself, be the same outside and inside the texture, smooth and natural texture, delicate texture, rich layers. With a strong sense of vision, the pursuit of a classic enjoyment, contains open-minded feelings of life and charm can not be transcended.



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